LUXY ~ BTS Report — 003/23
5 min readJul 7, 2023

Welcome to the 3rd LUXY Behind the Scenes Report for 2023!

We will walk through deployments, upgrades, and bug fixes that occurred from early March until the end of June that improve and secure your experience on LUXY even more!

This LUXY Behind The Scenes Report gives investors and community members a deeper insight into what goes on behind the scenes at LUXY. From bug fixes to the latest tech deployments and integrations, this article is your ongoing source for all things LUXY!

First things first! As you all know, Luxy proudly moved out of its Beta Version in early May. To make this possible, the platform underwent a detailed Audit, conducted by Cyrex, to ensure a flawless NFT space for everyone! The audit served as a catalyst for numerous improvements and deploys aimed at fortifying the platform, on which the Luxy Team dedicated significant development efforts since the last BTS report. The final Audit report is available at the end of Luxy’s “About” page, just in case you want to take a look!

Now, let’s see what happened Behind the Scenes! So sit back, kick up your heels, and take five to read about all the latest from LUXY!

Tech/Dev/Feature Updates
To improve the overall LUXY experience, the Development team works on a regular deployment schedule of feature updates to migrate any changes as seamlessly as possible to maintain a high-level user experience.

Deployed upgrades:

  • Frontend Refactor on Explore and User page
    Aiming for a secure, reliable, and maintainable codebase, the dev team defined several standards to be followed during dev cycles. From code style and organization to accessibility and messages, the frontend was cautiously reviewed.
  • Drops, Collections, and User Routes Refactor
    Refactor in several Routes to avoid code duplicity and improve code maintainability.
  • Updated “About” page
    Luxy’s “About” page is now inside the platform and updated with team information and Cyrex’s Audit report.
  • New “Finance” page
    Luxy’s “Finance” page is now inside the platform with a whole new design!
  • Advanced minting option
    Users can now mint tokens created outside Luxy by simply providing their IPFS link and adhering to our Metadata Standards, expanding minting for tech-savvies!
  • Enhanced expiration service
    Expired offers and listings are now checked more frequently, ensuring updated information all the time.
  • Token Standard filtering
    The “token standard” filter is now also available on the user profile.
  • Refactor on ERC-1155 Handling
    Aiming for scalability and code maintainability, rules and validation methods were added to the handling of ERC-1155 contracts.
  • ERC-1155 Trading
    The trade flow and trading pages for ERC-1155 NFTs were analyzed and improved to ensure a seamless experience for everyone!
  • Connect with Pali…
    When connecting a wallet to Luxy, users now have the “Pali Wallet” option.
  • … and integration with Pali Mobile!
    Pali Mobile is now integrated with Luxy, being able to show you all of your Syscoin NEVM and Rollux NFTs!
  • Rollux Integration
    Brand new chain on the Platform! Luxy now supports its 4th chain: Rollux!
  • URLs Refactoring
    Collections’ and NFTs’ URLs were refactored, being more user-friendly and human-readable.
  • Mobile Layouts Improvement
    Several fixes and optimizations on the layout for mobile devices.
  • Explore page’s performance enhanced
    Internal refactoring of the consulting routes to fetch information, resulting in faster loading and results!

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Further to these updates, the development team regularly solves internal and community-raised issues and bugs, striving to streamline and continuously improve the user experience. Recent Bug fixes are outlined below:

Bug fixes:

  • Bug — Inconsistent floor prices
    Fixed a bug where the floor price info was sometimes shown in different currencies, and not always the lower price was shown correctly.
  • Bug — Inactivating orders
    Fixed a bug where, if there were multiple listings for ERC-1155 from the same user, all orders were inactivated if one of them was accepted.
  • Bug — Updating account information
    Fixed a bug where users had problems when trying to update profile pic/name or collections.
  • Bug — Customize collections as a manager
    Fixed a bug where, after adding a wallet as a manager of a collection, the manager couldn’t access the customize option.
  • Bug — Light/Dark mode switching
    Fixed a bug where sometimes the page randomly switched from dark to light mode (and vice-versa) by refreshing the page or changing screens.
  • Bug — No currencies on Binance Connect
    Fixed a bug where no currencies were available when trying to add funds via Binance Connect.
  • Bug — Wrong menus on Mobile
    Fixed a bug on Mobile where the menus showing on the bottom (when on the user page) changed randomly when selecting one of the options (collected, minted, activities, etc).
  • Bug — Breaking logo images
    Fixed a bug where the logo image for some NFTs was breaking on the “Activity” tables on the NFT, Collection, and Profile pages.
  • Bug — Wrong status for canceled Offer/Listing
    Fixed a bug where the application was not updating the correct status of an open offer/listing when users manually canceled it on the Blockchain.

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