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Team Advisors Announcement ~ Welcome Josh & Johannes


Luxy is thrilled to announce our extremely talented Advisors, Johannes Saam, and Josh Guillaume.

Who is Josh Guillaume?

Josh Guillaume is an exceptionally talented filmmaker who began his career in visual effects where he’s worked as an artist at high-end visual effects and animation studios including Framestore, Moving Picture Company, and Blur Studios. As a post-supervisor, he’s worked tirelessly to awaken and enliven advertising campaigns and various project visions, often bridging the worlds of live-action and digital to vitalise and highlight key concepts.

Notably, Josh demonstrated his elite skill and talent as compositing supervisor, where he supervised post-production at Framestore on National Geographic’s multi-award-winning Free Solo 360 project, directed by the Oscar-Winning filmmakers of Free Solo. Free Solo 360 received a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media Within An Unscripted Program. As a filmmaker, he’s most recently rostered as a commercial director at ArtClass, an industry-leading, next-gen, live-action, and post-production studio, where he’s excited to continue crafting films for brands around the globe as he strives to further develop his already, uniquely talented voice as a storyteller.

Josh has been working hard behind the scenes with Luxy since its inception in March 2021 and he looks forward to the utility and accessibility advancing NFTs, which will deliver exciting new opportunities and platforms for artists.

Who is Johannes Saam?

Senior Creative Technologist Johannes Saam took an early interest in 3D, teaching himself critical skills at a young age. He got his start self-taught, then studied at the prestigious global visual effects studio, Scanline VFX in Munich, and after earning a Masters in Computer Animation from Bournemouth University, he worked in Visual Effects for 12 years.

He has worked on numerous feature films including Mad Max 4, Thor, Captain America, and Prometheus to name a few. Since joining Framestore, Johannes has worked on many projects in emerging technology for high-profile partners, including Apple, Google, Time Inc, BMW, and Facebook. He holds a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his many achievements and honors for his development, prototyping, and promotion of technologies and workflows for deep compositing and an Emmy Award for his contributions to the Free Solo 360 project.

Beyond his numerous accolades, Johannes has spoken as a key industry leader at numerous esteemed events, most recently at:

  • South by South West (SXSW), an innovative Art Music Festival and Conference that celebrates the convergence of the tech, film, and music industries,
  • The Game Developers Conference, (GDC) is considered the gaming industries premier, professional event championing game developers and promoting continuous learning and technological advancement, and
  • The Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, known as Siggraph, is the world’s largest, most prestigious conference on computer graphics, attended by tens of thousands of computer graphics professionals yearly.

He is currently researching creative ways to tell stories in all contexts of transmedia. With a deep understanding of machine learning technologies, his focus is on discovering new avenues to excite audiences globally.

A recent leap into the NFT space has seen Johannes, known as ATARA launch and sell out his very first NFT Collection in collaboration with Geneticchain. The first collection in the series “Serene Animo” takes a deep dive into the ideas of space and its ambivalence for human existence. Drawing inspiration for the collection from German mathematician David Hilbert and his discovery of the specific type of space-filling curves known as the Hilbert Curve, described as a continuous fractal space-filling curve. Johannes has created a stunning representation and visual reflection of the eternal search for truth in the universe. Every spectrum, the one-dimensional range of sound, the two-dimensional canvas of a picture, and the three-dimensional extents of a sculpture are all taken by the one formula, the one curve, to fill them all with life.

It is also noteworthy that all proceeds from the sales of his latest collection have been generously donated to UnchainFund, a charity project created by blockchain activists to support Ukraine with humanitarian aid.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Johannes, his creative genius, flair, and extensive skill set to the Luxy project. Joining us in November 2021, his hard work will soon be revealed and is sure to excite Luxy fans across the globe.

ATARA - Serene Animo Collection

Josh and Johannes “The J Team”

Affectionately known as The J-Team, here at Luxy (in tribute to The A-Team, because they are our own special forces, they are AWESOME, and, as a nod to some of the fantastic movies they have worked on together). You will notice that Josh and Johannes have a significant and exciting past together, collaborating on various projects, notably, the award-winning Free Solo 360 project that you can watch on the link beneath this article.

Leading a talented team in their respective areas of expertise, Johannes as Senior Creative Technologist and Josh as Compositing Supervisor, the J Team worked together seamlessly to create one of the most significant and awe inspiring works in cinematic history.

Did we mention that they both won an Emmy for their work…???

Also Johannes.. Cough.. Academy Award.. Cough!

Welcome to team Luxy

Sharing our vision and core values, with a combined elite skill set and vast industry experience in multiple digital, design, and art fields. The Luxy team is beyond thrilled to announce Johannes and Josh aka The J Team, key professionals and industry experts, as Official Luxy Advisors, representing the impeccable standard Luxy strives to achieve.

Please join us in making them feel welcome! We can’t wait to share their amazing work with our community! We know you will love them as much as we do here at Luxy HQ!

To stay up to date with the latest Luxy News and to learn more about Josh and Johannes, follow the social media links outlined below.

💗 Team LUXY

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