Rollux Phase 2 Launch: All you need to know!
3 min readOct 18, 2023


Your playbook for everything happening on Luxy & Rollux!

The excitement is reaching new heights in the Rollux community as we unveil the thrilling Phase 2 of the ecosystem launch! This is a wave of innovation, opportunities, and celebrations that promise to elevate your Luxy experience even more: $LUXY token migration to Rollux, exciting farming opportunities on the horizon, exclusive ecosystem NFT collections on the verge of release, and a grand celebration giveaway. There has never been a better time to be part of the Luxy community!

With so much going on, make sure to keep track of everything that is happening, so you don’t miss any opportunities! Get ready for a whirlwind of innovation, opportunities, and celebrations as we dive into the details of what’s in store for you.

$LUXY Token Migration: Seamless and Swift 🚀

Officially LIVE since Wednesday, Oct 18th, the $LUXY token migration to Rollux is fully functional, and it’s easier than ever to bring your tokens home! Here’s how:

👉 Head over to Luxy’s Finance page;
🔗 Connect your wallet;
🌐 Choose the chain where you currently hold your $LUXY tokens (Polygon or Syscoin);
💲 Indicate the amount you wish to migrate;
🚀 Click on the “Exchange” button.

With a few simple clicks, you can join the Rollux revolution. Your assets are now safer and more accessible than ever before!

Farming Opportunities Galore 💰

Well, howdy-do, partner! Grab a straw hat and let’s git to growin’!

That’s right! Tomorrow, Oct 19th, we’re launching the $LUXY farm! Here, you can stake your $LUXY tokens to earn even more $LUXY! The early farmers will enjoy juicier rewards, so don’t wait — migrate your $LUXY tokens to Rollux and stay tuned for the farm’s launch!

But that’s not all! Farm opportunities for Luxy Lovers are about to get even juicier! As we announced earlier, we’re introducing other fantastic farming opportunities in the following weeks:

🌽 $LUXY x $USDT Farm: Put your $LUXY to work alongside $USDT to earn rewards. It’s a seamless way to make your $LUXY work for you while enjoying stability and liquidity.

🚀 $LUXY x $SYS Farm: Introducing the $LUXY x $SYS farm to amplify your opportunities. Grow your holdings and be an integral part of the Rollux ecosystem.

Stay tuned for these as well!

Ecosystem Collections: An Exclusive World Awaits 🌐

On Friday, Oct 20th, get ready to explore two exciting ecosystem collections:

🎮 Rollux Arcade Token: Your ticket to a new dimension of NFT interaction in the Rollux ecosystem. Arcade Tokens are the gateway to exclusive ecosystem collections, with common and gold rarities granting access to different collections!

Rollux Spark: The Rollux Ecosystem NFT that unlocks a world of benefits. Holders become eligible for ecosystem airdrops, special giveaways, future event access, exclusivity, and recognition. Plus, Syscoin Gold Academy NFT holders can mint their Rollux Spark for free!

Celebration Giveaway: Join the Festivities! 🎁

We’re overjoyed with the progress we’ve made together, and what’s a celebration without gifts? Stay tuned for a special celebration giveaway as our way of saying thank you for your incredible support. It’s our joy to celebrate this momentous occasion with you!

As we embark on Phase 2 of our journey with Rollux, the future shines brighter than ever. Luxy is your gateway to a world of possibilities, and we’re committed to making your experience even more exceptional!

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See ya soon,
The Luxy Team.



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