Partner Spotlight - Metavest

Luxy is thrilled to have Metavest Capital as an early investor and strategic partner.

Who is Metavest Capital?

Born out of a fierce belief in the power of blockchain, Metavest Capital is a metaverse and NFT gaming-focused consultancy. Their team’s unique combination of blockchain, gaming, and financial expertise, coupled with vast industry knowledge and experience, places Metavest in the driver seat when it comes to generating value for their partners.

With the establishment of a world-class gaming guild, Metavest Capital is uniquely placed to strategically advise key projects like Luxy on the current play to earn, gaming theory, mechanics, and marketing trends and strategies, to best facilitate a successful launch.

As an early investor and strategic partner, Metavest identified the value in a next-generation NFT Marketplace and is proud to have added Luxy to their already exclusively successful portfolio.

Why Luxy?

The Luxy NFT Marketplace will offer key features, including;

  • Advanced minting and royalty features
  • Great User experience
  • Scalable, Green and Cheap transactions
  • Built-in NFT Launchpad
  • Decentralised and multi-chain compatible with expansion plans

With the assistance of partners like Metavest, Luxy can take on already established, leading worldwide NFT Marketplaces like OpenSea. Ensuring Luxy wildly exceeds the current industry standard and demonstrates a new, innovative, Elite Tier of NFT Marketplace to push the envelope of possibilities well into the future and beyond.

Thanks to aligned core values and a shared vision, Luxy is thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of its most valued investors and is looking forward to an enduring and lucrative partnership with Metavest Capital well into the future.

Please follow the social media channels detailed below if you would like to learn more about Metavest Capital and Luxy.

Till next time…

💗 Team LUXY



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