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Hi again! Since you’re super curious, here’s a little more about me. Being LUXY the balloon dog means I’m flexible, lightweight, and can take on different forms and evolve while remaining the LUXY you’ll come to know. Now a word from my creators!

Our Story

NFT platforms today are built on Ethereum or its near clones. As a result, many artists, creatives, and collectors find it difficult or expensive to wade into the world of crypto. is built to disrupt. Our mission is to make it easy for people of all kinds, everywhere, to participate in the opportunities presented by NFTs. We will make artists’ first introduction to blockchain-based service smooth, very affordable, and welcoming. We believe this will help the NFT sector grow substantially. — We support the Art Community

LUXY is designed to offer a new and much improved NFT experience. It will also be the first NFT marketplace that is built to use the Syscoin blockchain. LUXY will be fast, scalable, green, low cost, and user-friendly.

Creators will be able to divide their NFTs among many owners. LUXY will also be future-proof in every way. We will introduce new NFT market concepts yet to be revealed. LUXY will even be capable of meeting tomorrow’s financial regulatory requirements should they come into play, thanks in large part to Syscoin’s KYC/AML tech.

Take a look at our high-level Roadmap

We deliberately chose to introduce to the world at a fairly early stage of development. This will enable us to make a head start in securing top artists and solidify partnerships before we throw open the gates to this new dimension for NFTs! Outreach has already begun… Roadmap


The team behind brings expertise and experience.

Our Leadership Team consists of two Founders and three Advisors who have close ties with Syscoin.

The Development Team consists of one Full Stack, four Backend, and two Frontend Developers. The team also has two highly skilled UI/UX designers. The close support of our partners Quan Digital and Elint enables us to scale our development resources and expertise as needed.

Our Marketing Team consists of a Marketing Coordinator, Socials Manager, and a team of Graphic Artists. We are currently expanding our business development branch.

Another big contributor to our team is YOU! LUXY is built for you, our community. The creators, the artists, the collectors, and the out-of-the-box thinkers. We plan to work with you throughout our journey and beyond.

Be sure to join our Discord, where we will introduce some of the team over the next week. We also plan to hold AMA’s and contests leading up to our launch.

Expect more detailed information over the coming weeks!


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