LUXY NFT MARKETPLACE ~ Official Public Beta Launch

It’s official, the news you’ve all been waiting for LUXY is LIVE!

Happy 21st!

That’s right Luxy fans! The LUXY NFT Marketplace is LIVE and accessible NOW at!

We would like to thank our dedicated and passionate community, advisors and partners for their ongoing support. We hope you LOVE the Marketplace as much as we do!

The public beta launch is only the first step! We are dedicated to continuous improvement and development of the LUXY ecosystem. In the near future we will launch the NFT Launchpad and integrate new blockchains, starting with Syscoin! Meanwhile, we will continue partnering with new and existing collections to mint and trade on LUXY.

We have many exciting partnerships coming up in future and we will steadily increase our exposure and user-base as we mark our place in the industry.

If you’re new to LUXY then hold onto your seat because it’s going to be a wild ride, read on to find out why the Luxy NFT Marketplace will blow the competition out of the water and set the new Industry Gold Standard with key features, including;

  • Advanced minting and custom royalties,
  • An awesome and intuitive UI and user experience,
  • Scalable, Green, Fast and Cheap transactions,
  • Built-in NFT Launchpad,
  • Fully customisable royalties up to 100%,
  • Advanced minting features,
  • True decentralisation with multi-chain integration plans, and
  • much, much more.

Community First!

We will be offering 0% Trading Fees for all platform users from the date of launch which is 21 April 2022 through to the 31st of May 2022.

Want to List on LUXY?

We’ve got you covered! Are you an established or emerging NFT Artist? Have a collection live and ready to go? Hate big fees? Want custom royalties?

Join us now and we will help promote your collection in a joint marketing venture!


We are offering a unique opportunity and an amazing discount! For Collections who partner with us, we will extend the initial discount to continue Zero Fees until the end of the year, concluding on 31 Dec 2022.

This does not mean you are required to list on LUXY exclusively, it just means we are yet another home for your exciting project offering more exposure and potential sale opportunities at an unbeatable price for both buyers and sellers!

Head to the Luxy website below and a LUXY team member will personally reach out to get your collection up and running!


Follow our Socials below to keep your finger on the LUXY pulse!

💗 Team LUXY




The only #NFT Marketplace that is — Green , Scalable, Cheap, Fast! Check us out now:

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The only #NFT Marketplace that is — Green , Scalable, Cheap, Fast! Check us out now:

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