Dev Update #4

Week ending 15/08/2021

This week on!

The LUXY Development Team is currently working on the integration of the token Smart Contracts with the front end of the Marketplace. We have been testing that all the features available in the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 deployed contracts are accessible from the marketplace.

This week on development:

Smart Contracts

  • After testing and reviewing the token contracts we redeployed with some changes. Royalties for the Luxy main contracts will be handled by the token contract, allowing to set a specific royalty for each NFT created on the marketplace on Luxy collections.
  • Also, the marketplaces contract was kickstarted, this contract is super important because it will be the one processing all of your sale transactions inside our marketplace

LUXY Marketplace

  • We added the input of multiple addresses on the NFT creation process, allowing a collaborative royalty model. You will be able to set the list of wallets and the % destined for each one. Our royalties will be directly sent to those addresses each time a sale is completed, configuring a direct royalty payment. No middleman and no intermediaries between the buyers, the creator, and the seller, it will all be handled by the smart contract.
  • Browsing for NFTs is being tested and improved. It is possible to search by price range, collection, type of sale event, and categories. The next option to be added is filtering by NFT properties to find rare ones in big collections.
  • The backend devs are working on the sale events logic. We are building and testing the Instant sale, this type of sale event will be the first option available on Luxy. Users will be able to send offers, and the owner will be able to accept them. English auction and Dutch auction options will be added after launch.

Until next week…

💗 Team LUXY




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The only #NFT Marketplace that is — Green , Scalable, Cheap, Fast! Check us out now:

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