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The LUXY Team is excited to announce the official launch of Phase 2 of the WERT Payment Solution integration: Credit Card NFT Checkout!

What does WERT — Credit Card NFT Checkout mean for LUXY Users?
LUXY deploying WERT — Phase 2 as a payment solution marks the third payment solution milestone in the team goal of providing an open, decentralised and universally accessible NFT Marketplace to users worldwide.

The second phase of this integration provides an exciting new and accessible onboarding pathway for fiat users to acquire NFTs directly through the LUXY Marketplace using credit cards.


Step 1:
Login to the LUXY NFT Marketplace by connecting your wallet.
Once connected, click on the Buy Now button on the NFT you’d like to purchase.

Step 2:
Once the Checkout screen pops up,
Select the Buy with Credit Card (WERT) option,

Step 3:
The first time you use the NFT Checkout you will be prompted to enter your mobile number. Once entered, you will receive a text message with a one-time password which must be entered on screen for validation.

Step 4:
As part of the initial profile creation process, once you have validated your mobile number, you will be prompted to enter your Credit Card details. Once complete, scroll down and click Continue.

Step 5:
After you fill in your credit card information, you will be prompted to complete your personal address details.
Once completed, click Continue.

Step 6:
You will be prompted to enter your date of birth and email address.
Once completed, click Confirm.

Once you click confirm, your data will be processed to create your WERT User Profile. This is a one time process when you first sign up to purchase NFTs using the WERT Credit Card Checkout. Your details will be saved for future purchases for faster processing.

Step 7:
Once your WERT User Profile has been created, the NFT Checkout process will continue:
- Enter your Credit Card CCV,
- Click Confirm and Pay

Note: Previous steps will be bypassed for all further NFT Purchases using this process.

Step 8:
At this stage you will see a window like the one displayed below informing you that your order has been submitted and is pending. You can track the status of your order and request a receipt in your WERT Profile.

Step 9:
Your purchase is Complete!
You will receive a notification on the LUXY Marketplace when your NFT has arrived in your account! All that’s left to do now is enjoy!!!

For a visual guide, please see the youtube video below:

Enjoy buying NFTs on the LUXY NFT Marketplace with Credit Card!

What is WERT?
Wert is a fiat-2-crypto gateway for Web3 projects. It is helping Web3 projects to onboard new users by enabling bank card payments for them.

Wert’s unique value proposition is that it can interact with smart contracts: LUXY users can make a credit card payment, which will result in a smart contract call. is jointly operated by SHA2 Solutions OU and SHA2 Solutions Inc, with their head office located in Tallinn, Estonia.

What countries are supported by Wert?
Wert accepts residents from 198 countries.

Here you can find a full list:

And here is the list of supported US states:

What currencies does Wert support?
In fiat, Wert currently accepts USD only.

Supported cryptocurrencies can be found here:
Note: As mentioned above, at the time of deployment, LUXY supports adding funds in either Matic or USDC on the Polygon Network. Further options to come.

What smart contracts does Wert support?
Wert supports contracts on Ethereum, Polygon and Tezos. It can interact with any smart contract standard and call any function as long as it’s payable.

What payment methods are supported?
Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards.

What are the limits?
The minimum transaction size is $5.00. The maximum transaction size is $10,000.00. The maximum transaction size is also a user’s individual weekly spending limit using Wert.

Who is responsible for chargebacks?
Wert is the merchant of the record, so it takes all the responsibility which comes with accepting fiat payments, including the chargebacks.

How is Wert regulated?
Wert is licensed to operate as a virtual currency provider by the relevant authorities in Estonia and USA and is compliant with all the corresponding regulations.

We are excited to offer this brand-new payment solution to LUXY users. We look forward to continuing to innovate by nurturing our close working relationship with the talented team at WERT!

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