BTS Report — 005/22

LUXY ~ BTS Report — 005/22


Welcome to the final LUXY Behind the Scenes Report for the Year!

It’s been an exciting year for LUXY with our Beta Launch on the Polygon Network, Syscoin Network Launch, The Red Village Collection customisation, SYSPunks launch, CEX and DEX listings, multiple payment solutions deployed, including both Binance Connect and WERT, our very own Launchpad, a brand new Notification System and many exciting partnerships forged!

We want to thank our amazing community for the ongoing support! The LUXY team is passionate about providing a superior NFT experience and cannot wait to kick off 2023 with more exciting developments and news!

The LUXY Behind The Scenes Report will give investors and community members a deeper insight into what goes on behind the scenes at LUXY HQ. From bug fixes and marketing campaigns to our latest tech deployments and integrations, this article series will be your ongoing source for all things LUXY!

So sit back, kick up your heels and take five to read about all the latest from LUXY!

Tech/Dev/Feature Updates

To improve the overall LUXY experience, the Development team has decided to integrate a more regular deployment of feature updates to migrate any changes as seamlessly as possible to maintain a high-level user experience.

Deployed upgrades:

  • Integrate Binance Connect with Luxy
    We have added a new payment solution to the marketplace: users can now add funds to their wallet directly with a credit card. For now, the only cryptocurrency supported is MATIC on the Polygon Network. This payment solution is with Binance Connect, the official Binance onramp solution for crypto.
  • Launchpad/Notifications — Add new notifications related to the user’s drop
    Added new notifications for users related to their drops. Now you can select to receive notifications about your application to the launchpad and feedback from our admin team.
  • Add support for buying NFTs with a Credit Card
    This new feature allows users to buy NFTs listed for sale directly with their credit cards. This is our last payment integration scheduled for 2022, and it’s once again with Wert! Currently, there is support for purchases in MATIC on Polygon, with more to come next year. Keep an eye on our socials for an exclusive article about this brand-new integration!
  • Add support for minting NFTs with Credit Card
    This new addition supports the P24 Fender Benders Collection launch, allowing our users to mint new NFTs directly with a credit card. In future, this feature will be integrated with other launches!
  • Add support for identifying real-life prizes attached to NFTs
    This feature allows users to check if the NFT they minted has a real-life prize associated with it. Initially, this feature is being used for the P24 Fender Benders Collection, and in future, it will be present in other Collections.
  • Update the “Meet the Team” section on
    We updated our “Meet the Team” section on our website with new and current team members who work behind the scenes for Luxy! You can check the changes here!
  • Deployment of the Luxy Smart Contracts in new blockchains’ test networks This work kicks off the integration of new blockchains into Luxy.
  • Launchpad/Drop — Add an option to enlarge images on the artwork preview upon clicking
    Added an option for users to click on the images of the artwork preview to enlarge the images on both the desktop and the mobile version of the marketplace.
  • DevOps — Improve our deployment process
    Reviewed and improved our deployment process on the frontend codebase, speeding up the release of new features.
  • DevOps — Updates to our monitoring system
    We deployed a few changes to our internal monitoring system that aggregates the logs of all services that make the Luxy Marketplace work as you know it! These changes make the system more reliable, and it now tracks the newest addition to our services: The Notification Centre!
  • Backend refactors
    Continue the backend refactor work, targeting speed, reliability, and a faster development cycle.
  • Update our test environments, removing outdated test collections and NFTs
    This change aims to speed up our testing cycle and have our test environment more closely match our production environment.
  • Fixes to “The Drop” pages
    We deployed several minor fixes to the “The Drop” pages, such as updating the order of items shown first for the user on the artwork preview carousel, fixing the number of decimal places in the minting price information, and a couple of wording changes to make the information clearer for our users.

Interested in seeing these awesome updates for yourself?? Head over to the LUXY NFT Marketplace now and explore!

Further to these updates, the development team regularly solves both internal and community-raised issues and bugs, striving to streamline and continuously improve the user experience. Recent Bug fixes are outlined below:

Bug fixes:

  • Bug — total_supply value from drops not updating after the NFTs are minted
    Fixed a bug where the number of NFTs minted from a drop was not updating correctly in our databases.
  • Bug — Collections added on the admin panel are not indexing properly
    Fixed a bug where some collections were not indexed properly in our databases. We changed our indexing services during the fix to have the load divided into batches processed in parallel, improving the overall service.
  • Bug — Whitelist card on Drops showing NaN values
    Fixed a bug where the values on the “Whitelist” card on a Drop page were not compiling correctly and showing “NaN” instead of accurate information.
  • Bug — Launchpad — Price of mint not updating after we add the contract Fixed a bug where the minting price of a new collection was not updating on the cards present on the “All Drops” page in cases where the minting price set in the contract was different to the price added by the user on the Launchpad’s Application form.
  • Bug — Launchpad — Collection page being created before we have any NFTs minted
    Fixed a bug where the “About”, “Collection”, and “Activity” tabs on the Collection page were created from a “Drop” before we had any NFTs minted.
  • Bug — Review “add/logo image to collection” route
    Fixed a potential security breach where some routes didn’t have the proper authentication configuration set.
  • Bug — Disable “Mint” button on the Drop page once the max supply is reached
    Fixed a bug where the “Mint” button on a “Drop” page was still active, even after all the NFTs from a collection had been minted.
  • Bug — Fix the “Edit Royalties” function on the “Edit Permission” page from the collection owner
    Fixed the “Edit Royalties” feature on a collection's “Edit Permission” page, which was throwing several errors.
  • Bug — Launchpad — Collection, About, and Activities tabs being created before they should be on Drops
    Fixed a bug where the Collection, About, and Activities tabs were being created before we have any NFTs minted on a Drop, creating empty tabs and confusing our users. These tabs will be created only after the first NFT is minted in a Drop launch.
  • Bug — User missing a Syspunk NFT on their profile page
    Fixed a bug where a Syspunk NFT was registered without an owner in our database, so it was not showing on the owner’s profile page.
  • Bug — Block contract address change after a drop is launched
    Fixed a bug where a drop owner could change the contract address even after a collection was launched, creating problems in the application.
  • Bug — The collection page on mobile is misaligned and shows empty tabs
    Fixed alignment problems in some screen sizes for the mobile version and another problem where the “The Drop” tab was present for all collections, not only the ones that came from the Launchpad.
  • Bug — The user is redirected to the app store instead of the Metamask wallet app
    Fixed a bug where the user on mobile, when trying to connect to their Metamask wallet, was being redirected to the app store instead of the Metamask application, even if they have the application installed.

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