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Welcome to the LUXY Behind the Scenes Report!

The LUXY Behind The Scenes Report will give investors and community members a deeper insight into what goes on behind the scenes at LUXY HQ. From bug fixes and marketing campaigns to our latest tech deployments and integrations, this article series will be your ongoing source for all things LUXY!

So sit back, kick up your heels and take five to read about all the latest from LUXY!

Tech/Dev/Feature Updates

To improve the overall LUXY experience, the Development team has decided to integrate a more regular deployment of feature updates to migrate any changes as seamlessly as possible to maintain a high-level user experience.

Deployed upgrades:

  • Implement integration with payment solution Wert — Add funds with a credit card
    We have added a brand new payment solution to the marketplace: now users will be able to add funds to their wallet without leaving the marketplace directly with a credit card. For now, the currencies supported are MATIC and USDC on Polygon. This is the first of a few new payment solutions coming soon to the Luxy NFT Marketplace.
  • Add new Collection category: “Domain Names”
    We added a new category for collections called “Domain Names”. Now the owner of the domain collections can add this new setting to their collections. This makes it easier for users to find a collection offering this type of utility.
  • Launchpad — Update text fields on the Application Form
    Update several text fields on the Launchpad Application Form, making their description clearer and the process easier for the user.
  • Refactor how we are handling external data from Coingecko’s API
    We updated how we handle data coming from Coingecko’s API to get the price of tokens and coins so it’s more efficient. For the user, this reflects in having information on external prices 100% of the time instead of seeing “NaN”.
  • DevOps — Add new tools for security monitoring
    We added a new security tool, where we check on a daily bases for anomalies and integrity falls in all containers of our services. Our goal here is to improve the reliability and security of our platform.
  • DevOps — Fix the scaling rule for the backend cluster
    We fixed a problem with the automatic scaling rule for the backend machines. After implementing this change, the backend machines automatically scale with the usage and demands from users, making the backend more stable regardless of the heavy usage we experience after some launches.
  • Review and clean file_chunks document on our database
    This change reviews some legacy documents in our database, removing deprecated and properly organizing valid data.
  • Update database versions on test and production environments
    We rolled out a new change in our database, updating its version to the most recent stable version. This update refactored some functions that were deprecated and allows for faster queries of the database.
  • Remove the “promoted” sorting criteria inside the platform
    This change refactors how we’re sorting the NFTs and collections on the homepage, removing some outdated criteria.
  • Automate load testing
    We automated how we were doing load tests, giving the developers more flexibility towards this sort of testing, ultimately increasing the speed of our development process.

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Further to these updates, the development team regularly solves both internal and community-raised issues and bugs, striving to streamline and continuously improve the user experience. Recent Bug fixes are outlined below:

Bug fixes:

  • Bug — Connecting with a new address:
    Solved a bug where connecting new wallets in Luxy for the first time resulted in an error.
  • Bug — The user has only 3 NFTs, but Luxy shows as 11:
    Solved a problem where Luxy was showing that some users had more NFTs than they actually had.
  • Bug — Fix Launchpad’s automatic contract checker:
    Solved a bug where our automatic contract checker was raising errors on collection contracts that didn’t have some optional constants built into them.
  • Bug — Error applying to the launchpad application form:
    Solved a rare error that was happening for some users when completing the Launchpad Application form where, depending on the choice of some fields, the validation was being triggered incorrectly and raising errors.
  • Bug — The user cannot make offers to an 1155 Collection that is showing a negative number of NFTs:
    Solved a rare bug where, after an NFT was transferred, the old owner was still listed in the database, causing some errors.
  • Bug — Notifications not going through:
    Solved a bug where some users were not receiving their notifications inside the platform.
  • Bug — User cannot buy NFT for sale:
    Solved an error where an NFT with an expired listing was still listed for sale, causing errors when users tried to buy it.
  • Bug — “Verify Collection” feature is case-sensitive:
    Solved the “Verify Collection” case sensitivity feature. Removed case sensitivity, as this was causing errors for collections with uppercase and lowercase letters in their names.
  • Bug — Royalty fees on listing not summing correctly:
    Solved a bug where the NFT Royalties were not being shown for the owner when creating a new listing for that NFT.
  • Bug — NFT minted on drop not showing on the marketplace:
    Solved an error where a collection launched through the launchpad, after having some NFTs minted, was not correctly showing all NFTs in their “Collection” page.
  • Bug — Collections with similar names are created with appended vN
    How we handle collections with the exact same name behind the hoods is by appending the version of the collection, like v1, v2, v3, and so on. Recently, due to some other changes, a new bug appeared, where this vN was being appended to collections with similar names, not only exact ones. This problem was fixed.
  • Bug — toLowerCase leading to 500 error
    We resolved a bug where some collections were leading to a 500 error page. It was related to a function which normalizes names to be all lowercase internally.
  • Bug — “Customize the Drop” not allowing users to edit the Roadmap Description field
    Solved a bug where the owner of a drop was not able to update the “Roadmap Description” field of their drop, as the “Send Changes to Review” button was not enabled after changes were made.

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