LUXY BTS 003/22

LUXY ~ BTS Report — 003/22

Welcome to the LUXY Behind the Scenes Report!

The LUXY Behind The Scenes Report will give investors and community members a deeper insight into what goes on behind the scenes at LUXY HQ. From bug fixes and marketing campaigns to our latest tech deployments and integrations, this article series will be your ongoing source for all things LUXY!

So sit back, kick up your heels and take five to read about all the latest from LUXY!

Tech/Dev/Feature Updates

To improve the overall LUXY experience, the Development team has decided to integrate a more regular deployment of feature updates to migrate any changes as seamlessly as possible to maintain a high-level user experience.

Deployed upgrades:

  • Refactor Explore page: NFT and Collections:
    Add a new tab on the Explore page: “Collections”, that will allow users to browse through all Collections listed on Luxy and filter them through various criteria.
  • Notification System:
    Add a new Notification System on Luxy that will send our users notifications via email and inside the platform. All types of notifications are configurable parameters for the users to set, so you can opt-in on the type of notifications that interests you the most. The scope of work here was to create the system’s whole structure and add the initial types of notifications related to sale events. More events will be covered in the upcoming releases.
  • Launchpad — Refactor automatic contract checker:
    This feature automatizes sections of the workflow of approving your launchpad application by improving how we check if your project’s smart contract complies with our standards. Before, this was a manual process, adding days to the review process involving our development and admin teams. Now, this review is done in real-time: when you add a contract, Luxy will immediately tell you if the contract is valid. If your contract has issues, we’ll pinpoint them to you, so you can fix them and resubmit your application.
  • DevOps — Create new staging environment for testing new features:
    Create a new staging environment for the development team, allowing us to better validate the new functionalities and bug fixes before we deploy it to our users.
  • Backend — Refactor — Part I:
    The first stage of the big refactors the team is doing to the whole platform, aiming to make it more reliable and secure.
  • Refactor the “Total Volume” information for Collections:
    Refactor how we’re saving the trade volume information of each Collection in our database, creating the necessary support for the upcoming “Rankings” feature.
  • Define a new strategy for Menus/Settings:
    Review how the current features are separated on the existing menus/submenus. Define a new strategy to improve the clarity and navigation for users, both on desktop and mobile versions. The scope here was the strategy and mockups, which will serve as the base for the implementation to be done next.
  • DevOps — Improve log handling across the board:
    Improve and streamline how we handle logs and monitoring internally, creating the structure to solve bugs and new inquiries faster by providing our developers with error logs in a centralized manner.
  • Refactor some services to use a new ORM:
    Refactor some of the services that were using Prisma as ORM to use Mongoose instead, optimizing the services to our database.
  • Launchpad — Refactor native currency logic on the application form:
    Improve how we gather the information on the active chains and the currency pairs/prices on the Launchpad application form, making it dynamic rather than static. This improves the scalability and maintainability of the codebase.
  • Launchpad Application/Admin panel — Add notes on the accepted application:
    Add an option for the admins from Luxy to add notes on accepted applications. This will allow us to cover cases where small mistakes, such as typos, don’t result in a declined application. Instead, we can now approve it and point out the errors for the applicant to solve via the existing “Customize the Drop” feature.
  • Make “TRV” a searchable term for the Red Village Collection:
    Add “TRV” as a searchable term for the Red Village Collection. This will assist the Red Village community in locating the Collection and NFTs on LUXY more easily.
  • Fixes and structural changes to our database:
    Several refactors to our database, improving the reliability as well as the speed of reads and writes to the database. For the user, this results in faster queries and improved overall performance on the platform.

Further to these updates, the development team regularly solves both internal and community-raised issues and bugs, striving to streamline and continuously improve the user experience. Recent Bug fixes are outlined below:

Bug fixes:

  • Bug fix — 1155 from and to fields are equal:
    Solve a bug where the Activity Tables on the NFT, Collection, and User pages, for the case of ERC-1155 NFTs, were showing the “to” and “from” fields to the same user.
  • Bug — SysPunks Collection/NFTs disappeared from the search:
    Solve a bug where the Syspunks NFTs and Collection were not appearing on the preview of the search bar nor on the search itself.
  • Bug — Inactive offers listed as active in our database:
    Solve a bug where some inactive offers were still listed as active in our database.
  • Bug — User not being able to edit their own Collection:
    Solve a bug where a user was not able to edit their own Collection. The problem was related to some authentication changes we deployed in the previous launch. We found and fixed all the related problems.
  • Bug — User cannot list an NFT he owns:
    Solve a bug where a user couldn’t list an NFT that he owns. We couldn’t catch the transaction, we found and fixed the underlying cause.
  • Bug — Collection created from Luxy Factories not showing inside Luxy:
    Solve a bug where a Collection created inside Luxy was not showing inside Luxy. The problem was related to the owner and collection name not being properly fetched from the contract. We manually fixed this case and created a failsafe solution in case the same problem happens in the future.
  • Bug — Launchpad — Drop status not updating when sent to a new review:
    Solve a bug where the drop status was not being updated if it was sent to a second review through the “Customize the Drop” feature. We created a new set of statuses to cover these cases, keeping the users always informed of their Drop statuses through the application process.
  • Bug — Investigate potential problems with WebSockets:
    Solve a bug where some ERC-721 NFTs were listed as having duplicate owners inside the platform. We found and fixed the underlying cause.
  • Bug — User cannot cancel active listing:
    Solve a bug where the user was not able to cancel an active listing. The problem was related to how the system was handling big numbers. We found and fixed the underlying cause.

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LUXY BTS Report ~ 003/22



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