LUXY ~ BTS Report — 001/23
6 min readJan 30, 2023

Welcome to the first LUXY Behind the Scenes Report for 2023!

Kicking off the New Year with a brand new Network available on LUXY expands our reach and solidifies our standing as a viable option for all NFT users!

We have exciting plans for 2023, and we can’t wait to share them with our fantastic community! As always, we wish to express our gratitude for your ongoing support! The LUXY team is passionate about providing a superior NFT experience. We are taking measurable steps to exceed the gold standard and pave the way for the future of Web3 and NFT Solutions!

This LUXY Behind The Scenes Report will give investors and community members a deeper insight into what goes on behind the scenes at LUXY HQ. From bug fixes and marketing campaigns to our latest tech deployments and integrations, this article series will be your ongoing source for all things LUXY!

So sit back, kick up your heels and take five to read about all the latest from LUXY!

Tech/Dev/Feature Updates

To improve the overall LUXY experience, the Development team has decided to integrate a more regular deployment of feature updates to migrate any changes as seamlessly as possible to maintain a high-level user experience.

Deployed upgrades:

  • Integrated Luxy with the Ethereum mainnet
    Integrate a new chain on Luxy! Now users can browse through ETH Collections, mint new NFTs, fund their wallet with ETH using a credit card, and use our full Launchpad support available on Ethereum!
  • Added version 2 of our Launchpad — Available HERE
    Following user feedback, we’re now launching version 2 of our launchpad with the following upgrades:
    - All fields have been reviewed. We removed some that are now irrelevant and also updated other ones.
    - We have grouped similar sections and added pagination to the launchpad application form, so the application process is smoother for our users.
    - We added an autosave feature to our application form. Need to stop in the middle of an application? No problem, you can close the browser, and your progress is saved for you!
    - We added a new “Preview” step, so you can see how your “The Drop” page will look before submitting your application for review. Didn’t like something? You can return to the Application Form and edit your application as often as you’d like until you’re satisfied with the result!
    - Finally, we added a new whitelist feature, where you can choose if you want to add a link to an external whitelist form, or if you prefer, Luxy can handle collecting the whitelist addresses for you!
  • Add coin -> Wrapped coin conversion option on checkout
    Added a new feature that will allow users to convert their coins to wrapped coins from inside Luxy, allowing users to create new offers in a streamlined manner if they don’t already have the wrapped version of the native coin they want to make offers in.
  • Claim/Redemption system — Backend
    Created the support to add a new system on Luxy, where the users can claim the prizes they won in specific NFT Collections. This will be first used for the P24 Fender Benders collection.
  • Added upcoming drops section on the LUXY homepage
    Added a new homepage section showing the upcoming and live drops listed on our Launchpad.
  • Added a way to stop existing drops manually
    Created programmatic support to manually stop existing drops when applicable, making it impossible to keep minting new NFTs on Luxy after this support is activated.
  • UI — Footer adjustments with new financial partners
    Deployed some adjustments to the application footer, adding the CEXs and DEXs that you can buy $LUXY on.
  • UI — Wording change — Statistics on the TRV collection page
    Completed a minor update to The Red Village collection page, clarifying the title’s wording.
  • Smart Contracts — Git housekeeping and code review
    Reorganize our repository of smart contracts, also taking this opportunity to do a thorough review of the existing functionalities.
  • Backend refactor
    We finalized our backend refactor. Several changes were deployed that meant more reliability, security, and a faster platform. This refactor also makes developing new features faster, reducing our development cycle time. Last but definitely not least, it adds support for some exciting news we have coming soon!
  • DevOps — Added an automatic trigger to run JMeter
    Created an automatic trigger to execute load testing during the development cycle to ensure our dev team constantly evaluates load and performance on new features and fixes.

Interested in seeing these awesome updates for yourself?? Head over to the LUXY NFT Marketplace now and explore!

Further to these updates, the development team regularly solves internal and community-raised issues and bugs, striving to streamline and continuously improve the user experience. Recent Bug fixes are outlined below:

Bug fixes:

  • Bug — Filter offers for “my orders” not working correctly
    Fixed a bug where the user could not filter all offers made to an NFT to see only their offers on the table.
  • Bug — Refactor how we redirect the user to the Metamask app
    Fixed how we were redirecting our mobile users to the Metamask app using deep links. Now the user will be redirected to the app if they have it installed or to the app store if they don’t have the app.
  • Bug — Launchpad — Contract checker returning a wrong error when a user uses a duplicate contract
    Fixed a bug where our automatic contract checker was returning the wrong error message if a user attempted to add a collection smart contract already in use.
  • Bug — Sweep the floor showing NFTs not listed for sale
    Fixed a bug where the “Sweep the Floor” section on a collection page also showed NFTs that were not listed for sale.
  • Bug — Launchpad — Missing fields after an application is submitted
    Fixed a bug where some submissions to our Launchpad have missed some date fields after being submitted. We found and fixed the error.
  • Bug — Reserving listing to a specific address sets the buyer as “True”
    Fixed a bug where, if a user tried to create a listing for an NFT and reserve it for a specific buyer, instead of saving the buyer’s wallet address to our database, this value was saved as the boolean “True”.
  • Bug — RPC exception when you try to buy a reserved NFT
    While investigating the issue above, we also found another bug related to an error message of signature verification. We found the cause and fixed the bug.
  • Bug — Cancel listing modal doesn’t close after the operation goes through
    Fixed a bug where the confirmation modal that appears after a user cancels an existing listing didn’t disappear from the screen.
  • Bug — User unable to upload a .gif file as a collection logo
    Fixed a bug where a user couldn’t upload a .gif file as a collection logo. It has to do with the file size limit, which has been properly adjusted.

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