Luxy Marketplace Beta Update

When is the Luxy NFT Marketplace Launch?

Wondering what is happening behind the scenes at Luxy HQ?

To begin, the Luxy team would like to apologize for the delay in the launch of our marketplace. As we wrap up some final touches to the marketplace in our closed beta, we appreciate your understanding and are excited to update you all on our progress.

As you may know, the marketplace was launched in late December 2021 as a closed beta. As we prepared for the launch, our software engineers encountered a number of back end development obstacles that highlighted potential vulnerabilities in our infrastructure.

Part of the Luxy ethos is exceptional quality. Our talented team has built what we believe to be the next generation in industry-leading NFT Marketplaces! From initial concept to implementation, every detail has been meticulously planned and executed to produce the gold standard in NFT marketplaces. With features catering to professionals and entry-level users alike, our stunning and intuitive user interface is feature-rich with advanced on-chain integration.

As you can imagine, creating such an advanced platform takes time. To ensure we maintain our exceptional standard, we have had to take steps to address some unexpected challenges that arose as we added extra load to the infrastructure by onboarding more external NFT collections.

As we added these external collections we encountered some slow response times, which directly affects the quality of the Luxy user experience. Blockchain indexing is complex and can be time-consuming and we will not release a product that is anything less than perfect to our community. With this in mind, we are fiercely determined to deliver the best possible user experience with full functionality and integration, ensuring Luxy is not only a professional platform but a joyful experience.

During the delay, our dev team has been concentrating all their efforts on resolving the identified issues to ensure our end product is second to none and fully represents the complete Luxy vision.

We are continuing to iron out the residual wrinkles and are in the process of polishing the marketplace to ensure it is sparkling when we release it for everyone to use!

Please stick with us on this journey, we assure you that the wait is not in vain and we will release the marketplace as soon as we possibly can, we cannot wait to show you what we’ve been working on and we hope you love Luxy as much as we do!

Lastly, we would like to announce some news that the Luxy team is very excited about. We have been listening to the community and we too have found the integral need for elevated community engagement and marketing strategy. We made the exciting move to hire our new marketing director, Amy Street. She and the marketing team have big plans that are currently being put to action. Make sure you are plugged in with us on social media she and the team have a lot of new information, updates, and sneak peaks to share on all things Luxy Token, our upcoming marketplace launch, and more.

Till next time…

💗 Team LUXY

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About LUXY

LUXY is becoming the go-to NFT platform, established in March of 2021, and has evolved into a team of 15. Starting with a next-gen Marketplace that is designed to offer a new and much improved NFT experience. It is built to be multichain, starting with the Polygon blockchain allowing it to be fast, scalable, green, low cost, and user-friendly. Decentralization is the core of crypto, so at every step, our marketplace is built around that core concept.

LUXY will offer your standard marketplace features plus additional features curated over months of research. These will include support for: GameFi and 3D models, Collection Launchpad, User-owned Collections, Multiple Royalty Addresses for group projects, direct royalties, all file types, White Label Solutions, UI/UX for ease of use.




The only #NFT Marketplace that is — Green , Scalable, Cheap, Fast! Check us out now:

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The only #NFT Marketplace that is — Green , Scalable, Cheap, Fast! Check us out now:

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