LUXY Alpha launched and Introduction to LUXY Token

Hey LUXY Community!

We are happy to announce that LUXY Alpha is now complete and live on Mumbai Testnet! Our NFT community and developers are working through the UI/UX of the Marketplace as they test all aspects of our features. If you have a keen eye for detail or have dev experience, please reach out to us on discord to apply for a testing position.

Click here to become a LUXY Tester

Our smart contracts will then be audited for any potential bugs and as long as there are no show stoppers, LUXY mainnet is scheduled to launch in October.

We know you have all been waiting very patiently for the launch of our marketplace so here is a quick sneak peek of what you can expect!

Landing Page — Normal and Dark mode
Hot Stuff — Normal and Dark mode
Explore Page — Normal and Dark mode

New Marketing Page

In line with the Alpha launch, we have also released our new marketing page. Filled with information our community can now find out more about LUXY, the features of the marketplace, our team plus LUXY Token!

Check out our new page

Introducing LUXY Token

Soon you will be able to get your hands on our little balloon dog too! We are excited to introduce our LUXY token. LUXY Token will be used throughout our marketplace along with DeFi solutions.

We recently completed our Seed round for our token sale, where we raised $500,000 USD. We are currently in our Private round sale and will announce our partnerships soon.

LUXY token will be used throughout our marketplace for;

  • Rewards and Fee Discounts
  • Supporting our creators
  • Voting on features
  • Promoting Content
  • Access to VIP airdrops
  • Access to Whitelabel solutions
  • Staking and DeFi solutions

More information about LUXY Token, TGE and the tokenomics will be available in a follow-up blog post.

Till next time…

💗 Team LUXY

Connect with LUXY
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About LUXY

LUXY is becoming the go-to NFT platform, established in March of 2021, and has evolved into a team of 15. Starting with a next-gen Marketplace that is designed to offer a new and much improved NFT experience. It is built to be multichain, starting with the Polygon blockchain allowing it to be fast, scalable, green, low cost, and user-friendly. Decentralization is the core of crypto, so at every step, our marketplace is built around that core concept.

LUXY will offer your standard marketplace features plus additional features curated over months of research. These will include support for; Gamefi and 3D models, Collection Launchpad, User-owned Collections, Multiple Royalty Addresses for group projects, direct royalties, all file types, White Label Solutions, UI/UX for ease of use.



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